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【Product name】
Reverse lower arm 50

50mm extension lower arm for JZX100 For JZX100 Color / BLACK

Shipping 1,500 yen (tax included) [Product description] Move the tourer like Silvia! "REVERSE KNUCKLE" was born in pursuit of driving that allows you to enter the knuckle from anywhere and immediately turn on the accelerator. From the design stage, we started development on the premise of a parallel type and repeated tests in all conditions while considering alignment so that it could be used in an ideal state, and completed it with a large turning angle as a weapon. In recent years, the drift situation requires fast accelerator on from a sharp start and overall vehicle speed. I think that the future will be an indispensable element. The reverse knuckle is not just the turning angle of the front tire, but also a sharp swing, and the theme is accelerator on without waiting. In order to make the best use of the characteristics of this product and enable driving in a different dimension, this interference-proof extension lower arm is indispensable. [Caution] This is a competition-only part, so please do not use it on public roads. Please note that we cannot guarantee or guarantee any troubles or accidents related to the installation of this product.

Please note that the lower arm, which is in poor condition such as bent, will not be processed because the trade-in product sent from the customer will be processed.

[Delivery date and shipping fee] This item requires a trade-in of genuine items. When ordering, please send the genuine product to us. After the genuine product arrives, the delivery time is about one and a half months. In addition, please bear the shipping cost when shipping genuine products. [Cancellation of returns] We cannot accept cancellations or returns after purchase for made-to-order products.

BOOSTAR / Reverse Lower Arm for JZX100

SKU: lowerarm
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Color / 塗装
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