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【Product name】
Tie rod end left and right set for JZX100 [Product description]

Recommended tie rod end for reverse knuckle.
When installing the reverse knuckle, you can run by simply installing this tie rod end with the genuine tie rod.

[Caution] Since it is manufactured as a competition-only part, never use it on public roads. Please note that we cannot guarantee or guarantee any troubles or accidents related to the installation of this product.

[Delivery date and shipping fee] This item has a shipping fee of 800 yen (tax included).

[Cancellation of returns] Cancellations after purchase We cannot accept returns.

REVERSEK NUCKLE / Extended Tie Rod End for JZX100

Sales Tax Included
  • 商品不良もしくは、ご注文商品と異なる場合のみ受け付けさせていただきます。商品に明らかな欠陥がある場合または品違いの場合、返品等にかかる送料は弊社が負担致します。商品の到着より7日以内にご連絡を頂いた場合に限ります。








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